Scrip Escrow Fundraiser

What is Scrip? Simply, Scrip is fundraising while you shop.  The Scrip program involves purchasing gift cards on-line from a variety of retail merchants. A percentage (rebate) from the merchant is donated back to you and put in your student’s escrow account. The rebate amounts vary from time to time and from merchant to merchant.  These accumulated escrow funds can be used to offset your student’s show choir fees.


Gift cards can be purchased in one of three ways: 

  1. Traditional plastic gift cards can be ordered monthly on-line and processed/released by the Scrip Coordinator. A $12.00 shipping and handling fee is charged to the Jefferson Show Choir Booster Club for each monthly order by the Great Lakes Scrip program. This fee is pro-rated and deducted/charged amongst the families who are included in each month’s order. Cards are received approximately 10 days after the order is placed.

  2. ScripNow e-cards can be ordered on-line, anytime. ScripNow e-cards are delivered to you electronically within minutes.

  3. Reloadable gift cards are a convenient way to add funds back onto a previously purchased plastic Scrip gift card.


***Jefferson Show Choir will only be accepting PrestoPay (an electronic debit payment option) as payment for all gift card orders.  We will no longer accept cash or checks. A $0.15 charge is incurred for every order.


How do I enroll in the Jefferson Show Choir Scrip program?

Go to the website. Under “Family Sign Up,” click on “Create Account” to get started. You will be prompted to enter our Jefferson Show Choir organization enrollment code which is: LD1D7C2B24585. Make sure to also click on the “PrestoPay” option any time after you have created your family account. You will need to complete the PrestoPay sign up and directions before you begin to order gift cards on-line.

Make sure to also check out the helpful user guide tab located on the left side of the shop with scrip website home page. You need to sign up for a family account to view the user guide.


Please contact your Scrip Coordinator with any additional questions.