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car wash fund-raiser

Washing the Car

The Jefferson Show Choir Booster Club (JCBC) is sponsoring the annual car wash to help raise funds for the Jefferson Connection and JIVE Show Choir programs.  The car wash kicks off the show choir year for students and family members.  We are asking every family to support show choir by purchasing and selling tickets AND participating on the day of the car wash.

Date: Done this summer.  

Car Wash Time: 

Location: Thomas Jefferson High School parking lot

Ticket Sales Each show choir family is expected to purchase 10 tickets (@$5.00 each) for a total of $50.00.  We encourage you to sell the tickets to neighbors, friends and family prior to the event (to recoup your $50.00). If you still have not picked up your tickets, contact Shannon Berg at 612-419-1125. See more info below.

Day of the Event Participation Information:  

This year, we do not have any Covid-19 restrictions, as the entire event is held outdoors. That being said, if you are not vaccinated, we strongly encourage you to wear a mask and observe social distancing protocols. 

Note that Connection usually works in the morning and Jive works in the afternoon. If you can't make a shift with your goup, however, it's okay to sign up for a different shift. We even have some overlapping shifts because we have far more Connection students than Jive students.

Parents can volunteer again! Now that we don't have size restrictions, we can use all-hands on deck.

Please either pick a time to volunteer in person, or support the cause by donating equipment, snacks or water. 

* Bring a water bottle and sunscreen. 

* As representatives of Show Choir, we ask all members to wear a t-shirt and shorts/pants (no swimsuits) at all times.

* Power washers. You will see in the sign up that our plan includes using six power washers this year, so if you have one we can borrow, please sign up below.

* Please drop off any equipment or snacks around 9:00 am. Please pick up your equipment at 2:00pm. 

(New Chair name) is our car wash chair. You can contact by email at: (chair email) or by cell on the day of the event at (chair phone).


In Case of Rain:  We will cancel the car wash.  However, if there is just a sprinkle of rain in the morning and weather clears, please show up.  

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