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Jefferson Choir Booster Club (JCBC)

What is Jefferson Choir Booster Club (JCBC)?

JCBC is our parent run organization that has two major functions:

1.  Provide communication between choir families and the Directors of Show Choir.

2.  Fundraise to supplement essential costs of Show Choir Program. 


Each year JCBC raises approximately $30,000 through our Fundraisers.  This money helps to cover the cost of:

*Jive Director

*Jive Choreographer

*Connection Choreographer

*Scholarship aid as needed

*Music Arrangements

*Choreographer Cleaner

*Choir Administrative Assistance


JCBC membership fee:

For a one time annual fee of $50/family.  Checks made payable to JCBC.  This money covers the following costs:

*Provides meals for students during rehearsal workshops and other events

*Supplies for events (homecoming, competitions, etc.)

*Buttons for Competitions

*Senior gifts

*Senior Scholarships

Benefits to Booster Club Members:

We strongly encourage all families to join the Booster Club! Much like your students building bonds due to their involvement, you as a parent have that same opportunity!  Plus some additional features of being a club member is:

· Active involvement in the Jefferson Choir Program.

· Student eligibility for escrow fundraising.  Escrow funds will only be managed for students of booster club members. 

· Eligibility to apply for one of three scholarships during students’ senior year (Only seniors whose families have been Choir Booster Club Members for at least 2 years will be eligible).