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About Jefferson Show Choirs

Jefferson High School Choir Overview

The Jefferson choir program encourages the life-long learning and enjoyment of music by teaching skills that improve choir performance and personal growth such as melody, harmony, rhythm, reading skills, vocal tone, choral technique, teamwork, and earned self-esteem. All students involved with a choir are part of a curricular class that meets during the school day. If selected to one of the show choirs, extra rehearsals, performances and competitions will be outside of the school day. Auditions are held in the spring each year for the classes that begin in the fall. The Concert Choir and the Show Choirs often travel in the spring.

Jefferson High School Show Choirs

has two award-winning show choirs -- JIVE, an advanced women's show choir, and Connection an advanced mixed show choir.

Both choirs are backed by bands that put late-night talk show combos to shame -- keyboards, a sophisticated rhythm section and a goosebump-producing horn section create a 'big band' sound that drives the exciting vocals and synchronizes the complex choreography of the choirs.

Rehearsals for both choirs begin roughly two months before the start of the school year and continue right up to the start of the competition season which usually begins in late January or early February and ends in April. 

In addition to regional competitions, Connection travels to a national-level competition each year and JIVE generally travels on alternating years.

Check out the following video and photographs from the 2012-2013 competition season. And, while its primary purpose is to educate parents of students who are new to the world of show choir, the 'Show Choir Handbook' available on our Files and Forms page can provide a wealth of what goes on behind the scenes to make Jefferson Show Choirs such a rewarding and exciting opportunity for students and parents.

Jefferson Connection (2011-2012) - Waconia Star Power Competition

Jefferson JIVE (2011-2012)

The Jefferson Connection (2011-2012)