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Christmas Tree Sales

Christmas Trees sales are a general show choir fundraiser that was new in 2017 and which we may do again this year!

Christmas trees are generously being sold by John & Karen Noltner (former show choir parents) from their Christmas tree farm in Wisconsin.  These are 7-8 foot balsam fir trees being sold for $50 each ($30 to pay wholesale for tree, $20 to JCBC!). They will be FRESH cut, literally cutting them the night before and bringing them to Bloomington.  People can choose their tree when they come to pick them up.  The Noltners will bring several extra trees, so there'll be plenty to choose from! They come highly recommended from others who have ordered from them in years past. 

These are not part of the wreath sale; they are being sold as a general show choir fundraiser, via order forms.  Attached below is the pdf of the flyer re: Christmas tree information.  If someone wants to order a Christmas tree, they can send email, to the Noltners in the link sent out from 

Dates and times of delivery TBD

[insert pdf link]