Competition & Performance Information

Consider Chaperoning!
Chaperoning is a great way to meet students, understand what happens at competitions, see the show and meet other parents. The Sign Up Genius link below is for chaperoning for competitions.  If you have any questions re: chaperoning, please email Karyn Colombo! @
Thank you!

Karyn Colombo
 Date  Competition  Details
November 3rd & November 4th        Fall Retreat - location TBD

Friday, November 3rd: 5 pm- 10 pm (tentative)
Saturday, November 4th:  8 am - 1 pm (tentative)
Choirs: Jive and Connection
January 20, 2018
Name:  Bloomington Kennedy Gold 2018
Location: John F. Kennedy High School, Bloomington, MN

Load Bus: by 7 am
Depart for Kennedy HS: 7:35 am

JIVE Performance: 10:55 am
Connection Performance:  2:15 pm

Evening Finals: 7:15 pm
Final Awards: 10:45 pm

Load Bus: immediately after Final Awards
Arrive at JHS: 12:00 AM - Students will have to unload the bus & put equipment away.
For competition information:
January 27, 2018
 Name: Altoona Locopalooza
Location: Altoona High School, Altoona, WI

Load at JHS: 6:00 AM
Depart JHS:  6:30 AM
Arrive at Altoona HS:  8:15 AM

JIVE performance:  11:00 AM
Connection performance:  4:10 PM

Preliminary Awards: 5:20 PM
Evening Finals:  Scheduled to start at 6:30 PM
Final Awards:  9:30 PM

Load at Altoona HS: 10:00 PM
Arrive JHS: 11:45 PM estimated

 For competition information:

February 10, 2018
Name: Swingin' on the River
Location: Hastings High School, Hastings, MN

Load at JHS: 6:00 AM
Depart JHS:  6:30 AM
Arrive at Hastings HS: 7:15 AM

JIVE performance: 9:40 AM (vocal warm-ups 8:50 AM)

Connection performance: 1:35 PM

Evening Finals: 7:00 PM
Final Awards: 10:20 PM 

Load at Hastings HS: Immediately after finals
Arrive JHS:  12:30 AM estimated

For competition information:
February 17, 2018      
Name: Star Power
Location: Waconia High School, Waconia, MN

Load Bus at JHS: 6:45 AM
Depart JHS:  7:15 AM
Arrive in Waconia: 7:45 AM

JIVE Performance: 11:15 AM

Connection Performance: 4:10 PM
Afternoon Awards: 6:10 PM

Evening Finals:  7:05 PM
Final Awards:  10:40 PM

Load Bus: immediately after finals - 11:10 PM estimated
Arrive JHS: estimated 12:00 AM

For competition information: 

March 3, 2018
Name: Show Choir Spectacular
Location: Totino-Grace High School, Fridley, MN

Load Bus at JHS: 5:30 AM
Depart JHS: 6:00 AM
Arrive at Totino-Grace HS: 6:35 AM

JIVE Performance: 8:40 AM

Connection Performance: 3:40 PM
Afternoon Awards:  5:55 PM

Evening Finals: 7:25 PM
Evening Awards: 10:30 PM

Load Bus: immediately after awards/finals
Arrive JHS: TBD
For competition information:

Show Choir Tour/Trip
April 5 thru April 8, 2018      
Name: FAME Branson
Location: Branson, MO

Load Bus:
Depart JHS: 

JIVE Performance: 
Connection Performance: 
Afternoon Awards: 

Evening Finals:
Evening Awards: 

Load Bus/Depart for JHS: 
Arrive JHS: 

Choirs: Jive and Connection 
For competition information:
Friday, Saturday & Sunday
April 13, 14 & 15, 2018
Location: Thomas Jefferson High School, Bloomington, MN

Friday, April 13, 2018    7:00 PM
Saturday, April 14, 2018    7:00 PM
Sunday, April 15, 2018    12:30 PM
 Choirs: Jive and Connection, Acapella groups

 January 19, 2019 -     Bloomington Gold
January 26, 2019 -     Altoona Locopalooza
February 9, 2019 -     Logan Showcase                                              
February 16, 2019 -   Waconia Star Power 

March 10, 2019 -     Sioux Falls Washington Best of Show

TBD                     -     Choir Tour

Show Choir Competitions 101

We wanted to provide a list of helpful competition information to our new show choir families (and a good refresher for all families) as show choir competition season kicks off. We encourage fans to come and watch both JIVE and CONNECTION shows to support ALL of our kids. 

  • Bus - ALL students take the bus to and from Jefferson.
  • Parking - no matter the competition location, parking fills up. The early bird gets the better parking spot.
  • Tickets - tickets are priced either "first part of day" or "all day."  You'd want to choose all day if you want to watch finals. 
  • Photo pins - wear your performer's pin to competitions. It's a nice way for parents to recognize each other. (Pins for parents were distributed at Dessert and a Show. Let us know if you did not receive one.)
  • Cash - send cash with your student(s) for food and other show choir swag. Parents may want swag too!
  • Water bottle - students (and adults) are encouraged to bring a reusable water bottle (labelled with your name).
  • Food - competitions always have a variety of food for sale - meals and snacks. You are welcome to bring your own food but not into the competition areas.
  • Performance protocol - 
    • The first several rows are for the fans of the school performing. Fans get up when their school is done and the next school's fans fill in the seats. 
    • Instead of clapping out loud during the ballad or softer songs, raise your hands above your head and do silent waving jazz hands to show your appreciation. Clapping would overpower the quieter voices of a ballad.
    • Be respectful of all performers anywhere, anytime at competitions. Everyone on stage is someone's child or grandchild or friend. Keep all comments positive and encouraging all day no matter where you are. 
  • Homerooms - each choir is given a designated homeroom at each competition school where they keep their belongings. At least one of the Jefferson parent chaperones will be on duty in the homeroom at all times.
  • Finals - Before dinner break, the finalists will be announced. Finalist show choirs perform their set again at finals. If Jefferson does NOT make finals, students will pack up and bus will leave for Jefferson. If we make finals, everyone stays until finals and award ceremony is over, then bus returns to Jefferson.