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While it may be true that it 'takes a village to raise a child', sometimes it seems it takes a small city to run a show choir program! And that city is made up not only of teachers, performers, choreographers, instrumentalists and stage crews, but also by the parent volunteers of the Booster Club. 

This page lists the key volunteer positions and descriptions for Jefferson Show Choirs.





Coordinates all activities of the Booster Club. Creates agenda and runs regular monthly Booster Choir meetings as well as occasional Executive Board meetings. Oversees financial statements and monitors compliance with Booster Club bylaws. Deals with problems and issues as they arise.

Terryl Brumm

Vice President(s)
(President Elect)

Voting member of Executive Board. Apprentice to President. Assists as needed. Attends quarterly meetings of Executive Board.

Shannon Berg

Marcie Coval


Takes minutes at regular and Executive Board meetings. Types minutes for general distribution and approval at regular meetings and makes corrections as necessary. Takes attendance via sign-up sheet at regular meetings. Voting member of Executive Board. Keeps record of minutes.

Erica Loken


Voting member of Executive Board. Handles bank deposits of Booster Club membership fees and all club fundraisers. Reviews Booster Club related expenses and cuts checks as needed. Reconciles the Booster Club bank account monthly. Creates annual budget spreadsheet and updates it throughout the year as checks are written and deposits are made. Provides monthly financial updates at meetings of Booster Club. Ensures that yearly audit is done.

Tim Decklever

Volunteer Coordinator    

Organizes and coordinates volunteer activities associated with Show Choir.  Mary McGuiggan 
Communications and Website
Voting member of the Executive Board.  Sends out booster club meeting agenda & financial(s) emails, meeting minutes and general booster club announcements & communications to the booster club members under direction of booster club president(s). Updates and maintains booster club online calendar. Oversees and maintains booster club website.  
Christy Everett - Communications
Terryl Brumm - Website 
Friends of Show Choir
Handles all donations and correspondence for the parents, relatives, and alumni contributing to the Friends of Show Choir account. Provides tax return donation receipts to donors. Staffs the Friends of Show Choir table at various show choir functions. Helps to think of ways to increase donations to this fund and make it more visible.

Erica Loken