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The Jefferson Choir Booster Club Board encourages all parents to join the booster club to support their student and enjoy the benefits of membership.

Purpose of the Jefferson Choir Booster Club:
  • Provide communication between the choir families and choir directors
  • Supplement the choir budget
    • Fund piano accompanist for concerts & school day rehearsals
    • Supplement funding for JIVE director
    • Supplement funding for The Connection choreography
    • Purchase equipment as needed
    • Sponsor lunches for choreography camps
    • Supplement competition costs
  • Provide fundraising opportunities for student choir expenses
  • Sponsor the Awards Banquet in the spring
  • Sponsor scholarships for graduating seniors
Benefits to Booster Club Members:
  • Active involvement in the Jefferson Choir Program
  • NEW: Student eligibility for escrow fundraising. The Booster Club will only manage escrow funds for students of Booster Club Members. Students of non-member families will NOT be eligible for individual escrow fundraisers.
  • FREE student ticket to spring banquet ($26.00 Value)
  • Eligibility to apply for a scholarship during senior year (Only seniors whose families have been Choir Booster Club Members for at least two years will be eligible.)